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10 Best Islands to Honeymoon Visit Maldives

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You finally have the love of your life by yourself, and both of you are bound finally by the holy marriage agreement, and it’s time to make the first trip together as the official hubby and wifey. No doubt, it is extremely exciting and confusing to select a place for your honeymoon. But if you choose the Maldives as the venue, believe us, you’re not really doing anything wrong, the place is breathtaking because there’s no better term.

The Maldives contains 26 oval atolls and over 1000 islands of coral. No wonder, for a good reason it has developed itself as one of the most sought-after exotic honeymoon destinations for couples worldwide. You have to search the Maldives honeymoon packages for a good price offer before booking your honeymoon tickets.

The place is bordered by an impressive number of artificial private islands of the resort. These islands were built especially for those seeking a romantic vacation and to inspire them. Thus, for newlyweds around the world, Maldives is a natural attraction.

The Maldives, even though you are a small place compared to other key destinations in Asia, will never take the hopeful romantic in you to present an aura of affection. The sole credit lies in the magnificent scenery of the city, its awe-inspiring beaches of the white sand, the Turkish lagoons, the lovely corals, and the chic overwater Villas. This help can be a difficult job, even when choosing the Maldives as the venue, to finalize the location in which you will be based.

Here are the top 10 Maldives when you finally arrive:

Malé Island: The compact capital island

Malé is naturally made for a honeymoon destination far from the best Maldives islands. It also helps its accessibility and scope through the Maldives’ biggest international airport. It is said that at the very beginning or at the end of your lunches on the Maldives you should visit this island. Although not renowned exactly for a wide variety of sights, Malé offers a splendid experience of true Maldive culture.

Hulhumalé Island:

A restored artificial island is one of the nearest islands to the Maldivian capital. It was built so that the population of Malé could be decongested. While it is not only one of the most beautiful settlements of Maldives, it certainly has a nice coast and a good choice for a honeymoon in the Maldives due to the lack of tourists.

Biyadhoo Island: The Scuba-diving Island

The island is perfectly highlighted for the elegance of the Maldives the world speaks of. Situated in the atoll of South Malé, Biyadhoo boasts plenty of growth in vegetation, including bananas, cocoon nuts, mangoes, turkey, cold, and tomatoes. But it is the world-class water sports facilities and opportunities that make the island so famous, more than its large vegetation.

Fihalhohi Island:

Fihalhohi Island, which is situated in the Kaafu atoll of South Malé, is one of the most beautiful Maldivian Islands and a great honeymoon destination. Then there is the world-renowned Fihalhohi Island Resort, one of the most romantic resorts on the Island of Maldives with a range of overseas resorts.

Maafushi Island:

This is for the lovers of harmony between you. Maafushi Island is situated in South Malé’s Kaaafu atoll. This is a tropical paradise beyond comparison. The island automatically ranks among the best places to visit on the Maldives for sunshine because of its sparkling ocean waters, glorious resorts, and numerous exciting activities.

Alimatha Island:

It is on the eastern side of the Maldivian territories on Alimatha Island. It provides plenty of clear water, sunny beaches, lagoons, and spa centers. We think that your honeymoon like this can’t be any destination other than that.

There are a variety of delicious resorts available at Alimatha Aquatic Resort on the island. You can choose between beach bungalows and overwater properties while enjoying a wide range of water sports.

Veligandu Island:

Located in the Atoll of North Ari Veligandu Island, it is full of beautiful greenery and shiny water adding to its romantic destination, an uncontaminated and quiet aura.

Nalaguraidhoo Island:

Nalaguraidhoo Island, a prime destination in the Maldives, is renowned for its spectacular and majestic natural beauty. There is then the popular Sun Island Resort and Spa on the island, which guarantees the honeymooners a romantic stay. Maldives tourism is due to the protection of these romantic honeymoon destinations.

Vaadhoo Island:

When you visit the Maldives, this one must be on your list. Island Vaadhoo is one of the few populated islands in the Maldives’ Raa Atoll. It also provides honeymooners with some special experiences. The bioluminescence found in the waters of the island at night must be one of the things that must be seen before your eyes before you die.

Villingili Resort Island:

Shangri-Villingili La’s Resort Island & Spa is situated in the Addu Atoll and is considered the best location for a honeymoon in the Maldives. It offers luxury villas, beaches of white sand, an infinity swimming pool, and wellness.

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