How Much House Paint Do I Need?

How much house paint do I need?

The main issue homeowners face when trying to paint their home is deciding how much paint is to be bought. It is essential to know how much paint is required for your walls, roofs, and doors so that you don’t waste your time and money. In addition, it will be much easier for you if you buy all the required elements altogether, which will reduce the time you spend visiting the stores. We will help you estimate how much paint your project requires to make things easier for you. 

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Nonetheless, you need to understand this before estimating the amount of paint that every surface may need different amounts of paint; therefore, you need to keep that in mind. For example, if the surface is porous or absorbent, then you need a large amount of paint to cover it twice or thrice.  

  • A normal door is almost 20 sq ft in size.
  • A normal window is almost 12 sq ft in size.
  • To find out the square foot area of a room, you need to multiply its width by the length.  


On average, you can cover 350 sq ft with one gallon of paint. However, the amount may vary if the surface is porous. In addition, you can also use primer on a surface before you apply paint to it. This will act as a sealant and stop the surface from absorbing paint.

Firstly, you will have to measure the room before calculating the amount of paint. This can be done by adding the length of every wall and then multiplying it with the height of the room. Through this, you will get the area of the room in sq ft, and you can find the wall area using this.  

Nonetheless, finding the paintable surface of the room is not a simple process. If you get the total square footage of the room, you will also need to subtract all the area taken up by doors and windows. 

Furthermore, you will have to divide the paintable area of the room by 350 to get the number of gallons of paint that are required, as one gallon can cover around 350 sq ft. 

Amount of Paint Required Per Square Foot:

  • A gallon of paint is enough to paint 400 square feet, which means a small room like a bathroom can be easily covered. It is suggested to get high-quality paint to avoid any future trouble. 
  • Similarly, two gallons will easily cover 800 square feet, meaning you can use it in an average-sized room. This is the most used amount as people may need to put on a second coat as well.  
  • Furthermore, 3 gallons of paint can be utilized up to 1200 square feet. Meaning this will easily cover one large or two average-sized rooms. You may need one more gallon if the room contains vaulted ceilings. 
  • Lastly, four-gallon of paint can cover around 1600 square feet, meaning you can have more than two average-sized rooms. You can also use this amount if the room is very large. It is important to ask the expert team before buying paint for your home. 

Use the right tools:

You may also require the perfect roller so that you can have the right coverage on the walls to make the results pristine. The average size is a 9-inch roller that has a 3/8-inch inch nap to use on softer walls and a 1/2-inch nap to use on rough walls.

To avert having any roller lines in your result, you should use the final stroke from the top to the bottom of the wall. You should also use an ample amount of paint so that the walls are properly covered and need no further adjustments.  

Final Verdict:

Understandably, you can completely change a room by painting it. You can easily calculate the amount of paint required by using some measurements of the room and then putting them in an equation. You can then buy paint from the store without worrying about having any leftover paints and wasting money on too much paint. 

It is beneficial to hire the best painting contractor in Minneapolis. Hiring a residential painting company Minnesota will allow you to get your house painted without any further cost. 


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