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The Art of Sports and Fitness – The Writing Planet

The Art of Sports and Fitness
The art of sports has existed for hundreds of years now, and it is as old as humanity now. Sports has been essential and has played a vital role in keeping the communities and people healthy and fit and also boosting their confidence at the same time. We live
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7 Beauty Tips That Will Still Be In Style

7 Beauty Tips That Will Still Be In Style-antoniosofan
There is a lot of beauty that meets our eyes, and different people have different expectations of beauty. Some people believe that blonde hair is angelic, while others believe that raven black hair is the real deal! Some people think freckles are adorable, while others look for beauty marks.

Different Ways to Removing Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions can make your eyes look attractive and eye-catching but they don’t last for a prolonged time. These Eyelash extensions are designed in such a way that they are strongly adhesive and provide complete protection against soap and water, hence removing them can be a hurdle for a beginner. Before

Be social with your social anxiety

Be social with your social anxiety
Do you feel bothered when you meet the unknown? Do you hesitate when you meet someone for the first time? What do you feel when you speak in front of new people? Do you worry that people are constantly looking at you and talking about you? If you feel

Simple Weight Losing Tips For You To Reduce Weight Quickly

Weight Losing Tips
Today, maintaining a healthy body or lifestyle becomes very much important for everyone. It is the only way to keep both the mind and the body free from all kinds of major and minor health issues. However, there are so many people around us, who have a heavy body