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Reasons why Facebook keeps me logged out and its solutions


Facebook is quite possibly the most famous web-based media locales out there. In addition to the fact that it allows you to associate with individuals around the globe yet it additionally allows you to mess around, network with partners, set up a business profile, and even bring in cash. It is a stage with a wide assortment of employments and advantages. No big surprise it is so well known. 

Given that we invest a ton of energy on Facebook doing various things, there isn’t anything more baffling than being naturally logged out when you are sincerely busy. You may be in a game or visiting with a companion when out of nowhere you are logged out. 

There are numerous possible reasons for this. Luckily, a large number of these issues can be settled very quickly. How about we work through probably the most widely recognized purposes behind Facebook logging you out. Learn some ways to fix the issue and possible reasons if these don’t help you then facebook customer service number is there where you can contact best professionals who will help you in fixing your issue.

Possible Reasons Why You Keep Getting Logged Out 

  • Cookies: Your web program utilizes treats to follow locales you visit. In some cases your settings may be set up to consequently end your meeting after a specific timeframe. Have a go at checking your specific treat settings for the program you are utilizing. Take a stab at changing your meeting time. 
  • More Than One Person Logged On: Someone may be attempting to sign into your Facebook account. Facebook doesn’t permit more than one individual to be signed into a record all the while on numerous gadgets. On the off chance that it is occurring persistently inside a brief timeframe, it very well may be a smart thought to change your secret key. 
  • Time Limit: Facebook has a period limit from when you sign in. In the event that you click Remember Me when you sign in, the issue ought to be addressed. 
  • Facebook Auto Login: When you sign in you are given the choice to permit the webpage to consequently log you on when you show up at the site. Ensure this crate is ticked. 
  • Reserve: Try clearing your program store as it very well might be obstructed. 
  • Malware: Your PC could be tainted with malware or an infection. This is something you ought to consider checking on the off chance that it is a standard event. 
  • Facebook Apps: Log once again into your record (attempt an alternate program in the event that you need to.) Navigate to your Account Settings and select Apps. Peruse the rundown for an application called Skype. For reasons unknown, this is a typical reason for this issue. In the event that you discover Skype on the rundown essentially erase it. 
  • Framework Glitch: Remember, it could simply be a transitory glitch in the Facebook framework and in this manner a brief issue. 

iPad, iPhone, or Smartphone Devices 

Contingent upon the gadget you are utilizing, there might be another arrangement accessible. You can attempt re-booting your iPhone or iPad to clear the framework, or you can likewise take a stab at erasing the Facebook application and re-introducing it. Both are likely arrangements, so give them a go. 

Program Related Solutions 

There are some particular arrangements worth taking a stab at relying upon the program you are utilizing to get to Facebook. 

Web Explorer 

In the event that you are utilizing Internet Explorer the issue may be fixed by changing your settings. 

  • Open Internet Explorer. 
  • Snap Tools and afterward select Internet Options. 

Snap on the Security tab, and afterward click the Custom Level catch at the lower part of the window. 

  • Find User Authentication in the rundown of settings and select the choice for Automatic logon with current client name and secret key. 


Have a go at clearing your treats to determine the issue. 

  • Go to Safari in the top menu bar and select Preferences. 
  • Select Privacy to see your security settings and select the Details choice. 
  • In the pursuit choice, type in Facebook and eliminate any sections that show up in the site information list. 
  • Revive your program and return Facebook. 

Past this. the issue may be with a module or augmentation you may have empowered in Safari. 

  • Go to Safari and to the top menu bar and select Preferences. 
  • Select Extensions to see any that are added to your program. 
  • Erase those that you don’t require or that are not basic. 
  • Go to your protection settings and select the Details choice. 
  • Invigorate your program and return to Facebook.

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