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Different Ways to Removing Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash extensions can make your eyes look attractive and eye-catching but they don’t last for a prolonged time.

These Eyelash extensions are designed in such a way that they are strongly adhesive and provide complete protection against soap and water, hence removing them can be a hurdle for a beginner.

Before you remove eyelash extensions, you need to eradicate its glue and should take extra care, so that these extensions don’t damage your natural lashes.

These extensions should be removed under the supervision of a professional technician but as the world is advancing, you won’t be facing any difficulty to remove these extensions yourself by picking and applying the viable options enlisted below.

Different ways to remove your eyelash extension

Most ladies are in a bit of a rush and want to get these extensions off immediately for which they choose to pick or pull their extensions right away.

But there are certain factors to keep in mind before applying these remedies yourself as any wrong step of yours can backfire any moment.

The prime goal is to have healthy eye lash, so it’s essential to know what you must refrain from doing while removing your extension.

As per the expert opinions, you should never trim your lashes or pluck your lash extension off. Plucking these extensions will only hinder your natural lashes  which will cause your extensions to grow out, while colliding with your natural eyelashes.

Keep your self restricted form plucking these extensions out as they do have serious long term consequences.

Try making your eyelids wet before plucking your extensions.

Remember the first rule that’s refrain yourself from picking and plucking your eyelash extensions, even while in the shower.therwise, they can hinder your natural eyelashes and can have serious long term consequences.

If you want that your eyelash extension to be removed easily without any hurdle, it’s recommended to get a hot shower before removing your extension as the hot steam can prove to be a source of great pleasure and can help you pull off your extension without any difficulty.

The factor you should consider before removing your eye extension is that, refrain from getting your eyelashes wet, so that they can be preserved and used later on.

Oil-Based Cleanser can be beneficial as an initial step

If you are an eyelash enthusiast, you must have been hearing from your lash artist that you should not option oil based cleansers while removing your brand new extensions as this can result in damaging your lash glue and in result, your extension will fall out in no time.

However, when it comes to removing an excess or left over lash extension, oil cleansers can prove to be your new best pick.

A double cleansing can be a source of constant relief and can help you in losing up your extension’s glue and eradicate any leftover lash on your face.

In order to remove the lash glue effectively, it’s advised to rinse your skin, and apply oil gently in a circular movement for better results.

An important thing one needs to consider beforehand is that you can’t achieve your desired results overnight, in order to loosen up your lash extension with ease, you have to repeat this process again and again for a couple of days for accurate results.

Try Using a Professional-Grade Lash Glue Dissolver

Eyelashes can make you stand out from the rest of the people, and hence are the most fragile body part associated with our entire face beauty.

It is important to know all the necessary information and requirements needed while removing your eyelashes on your own as this can cause a serious damage to your original one.

In order to have a smooth removal of your extensive eyelashes, using a remover would be more preferable instead of choosing an uncertain way by taking hot showers or submerging them in oil.

Keeping in mind the fact that extensions enact as a glue and to get off with these extensions, you need to soften the grip of the extension from your natural lashes in order to pluck them out safely without causing any further damage to the original one.

For a safe and smooth removal at home all you can do is dip a cotton pad into the remover and start applying it to the lashes to make sure that the glue holding the lash starts to loosen it’s bond.

While taking off your eyelashes with the remover, you need to be super sure about the fact that your remover doesn’t come in direct contact with your eyes as it can result in immediate irritation and eye infection.

Apply the right amount of eye cream

Moisturizers are considered to be a viable pick to minimize the grip of the glue of the extension and can prove to be effective while removing the false lashes.

If you apply a  moisturizer that consists of nutrients like oils, argan or rosehip and etc, it will be easier for the ladies to break down the glue in no time and hence remove eyelashes without any pain or without damaging the real lash.

Remedy of applying coconut oil before going to bed

If you want to remove your extension with old age style, this option could be feasible for you. Pick a piece of cotton and dip it into the solution of the coconut oil.

Then rub the cotton on your extension gently, and leave your lashes for some period. After some time, you’ll witness that the grip of the extension is getting weaker and thus you can have your false lashes removed without any difficulty.


Eye lashes extension can prove to be an expensive set of luxury for ladies but it has some serious effects on the beauty of the ladies.

If you are a person that has to be in different places within a short time period, then it is better to have some touch ups added to your existing extension then to reapplying it multiple times.

But if it’s just a one time thing, eyelashes extension can be removed easily while being at home. Eyelashes can do wonders to your eyes and can provide you with the prettiest look ever.

The above article can help you out to remove your extension without any difficulty. And by following these tips and tricks, keeping your natural lashes safe is not an issue anymore.

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