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How to Use Lash Lift Kit: Short Guide

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A lash lift kit is used to lift up the lashes of the eyes that help the users to look more attractive and confident.

Today, a lash lift kit is massively being used by women. It is one of those cosmetics that is being preferred to use on normal days casually.

There are many brands that sell the best lash lift kits for lash lifting. In fact, nowadays, there are many kits that offer you to not only just lift your lashes, but you can also color your lashes.

In this article, we will be learning the steps that you can follow to use the lash lift kit.

Steps to Use Lash Lift Kits

Applying a lash lift kit on your eyelashes is very simple. You don’t need to spend a lot of time in the application of this lash lift kit.

Before telling you the steps, we suggest you be patient while you apply the lash lift kit to your eyes. Before the eyelashes are one of the most sensitive parts of a human body. A little mistake can harm you a lot.

So let’s discuss the steps of the application of this lash lift kit.

Step 1:

Cleans your eyelash with a wet tissue or any other clean cloth, you can go for cotton as well.

That is because of the dust particles that settle on the skin by working throughout the whole day.

So when you apply a wet cloth it cleans the dust that is present on your eyelash and the upper skin of your eyelids.

Step 2:

You have to apply a silicon rod on the eyelids that provide you safety.

Approximately every brand, nowadays, provides silicon rods that help the user to apply the formula cream without any mess up.

People face a problem of mess up in the application of the lash lift kits. Mess up means that sometimes the formula cream goes out of the borders of the lashes.

It could spread on the upper side of the eyelids that could be dangerous for those who have sensitive skin.

That is why silicon rod is very important for you to apply it on your eyelids before the application of the formula cream.

Note that it is not necessary that you have to apply only silicon rods. You can go for the other alternatives as well. Some people use a traditional rubber strip that could cover the upper side of your eyelids.

Some people go for the other alternatives as well that help them to cover their eyelids.

Step 3:

Now, put the lifter named elleebana to separate the eyelashes. It is very important to separate the eyelashes. It enhances the beauty and helps you to lift them easily.

One more thing we want to tell you in this part that the silicon rod is not only to cover the lashes, but it helps the user to attach the lashes with it.

The rod also helps the user to straighten the lashes and stick themselves toward the top of the upper eyelids.

Now, Separate the bottom lash with the top lashes. Be careful, don’t be harry when you separate the top with bottom lashes. The stick could harm your eyes. A lot of people face this scenario.

Step 4:

Now take a bowl or any crockery that you can use as a mixture dish. Take out the solution from the sachet.

Apply it on your eyelashes with the elleebana stick to move them upward and attach them properly with the silicon rod. The more proper you attach, the better result you will get.

Repeat the same process at least three to four on both eyelids. After that leave it for at least seven minutes. Now apply the gel that you get in a lash lift kit. Take it out from the sachet in a bowl and then apply it to your eyelids.

Put a neutralizer on your eyelashes for at least six minutes.

Step 5:

Now, remove the silicon rod from your eyelids. Clean your eyelids. You can use tissue or a cotton rod.

These are the steps to lift the lashes of your eyes.


The verdicts are that today, a lash lift kit is massively being used by women.

There are a lot of categories of lash lift kits that you can grab for lifting your lashes.

If you have not tried a lash lift kit yet, then grab it and follow the easy steps that we have discussed above to apply it without wasting your time to go to the parlor.


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