How to Prepare a Virtual Design of Your Future Bathroom?

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The bathroom is the most important part of your house. This is because it provides the service which other parts of your can’t provide.

 But how to design your bathroom virtually and then apply it to the real-life bathroom?

This process is often followed by professionals and architects. They design a house or a room or an apartment, shows you the virtually build 3D plan and then sell it to you. You spend money behind it to pay back the effort the architect or designer put into it.

But surely this process has some flaws. For some points, the architects will deny what you want and will present something else, what you do not want to have in your bathroom. So, the best way to design a virtual bathroom before building it is to design it by yourself.

The problem is pricey software and lack of knowledge on how to use that software.

Most of us do not know how to operate the pricey CAD software and therefore fail to design a virtual design of the bathroom or any other room. But this problem can be solved.

There are online tools, which are super easy to learn. If anyone spends a couple of hours, he will be able to create a stunning design with 3D ready. This way you can save some extra bucks and spend it on the actual work.

What Is Needed To Design a Virtual 3D Bathroom?

First of all, we need to have an idea, a sketch, some measurements and finally tools that can help us to draw the 3D.

Just think how you want your bathroom to be, what amenities you want to put in and what you do not need? Then write them on a piece of paper or in a note-taking app on your phone. 

You should know the measurements, especially a few things that are important. Measurements include the length, width, height or your to-be-built bathroom. Moreover, you need to find out the locations where you want to provide a door, ventilator, window or any openings.

Take a piece of paper and draw a preliminary bathroom plan. Mark the locations where there are openings like doors, sketch some furniture or position of your bathtub.

Now we are ready to put this drawing into the computer-based model. To design a virtual 3D of what you have just drawn we will use an online tool named ‘Roomtodo’ as a virtual bathroom planner.

Why Roomtodo?

As you are reading this article to save some extra bucks as well as to design the bathroom as you wish, roomtodo should be your first choice. The first and foremost reason is, it is free of cost means you need nothing to spend.

Secondly, roomtodo is extremely easy to use. There are pre-made libraries by using which you can easily put anything that needs to be in your bathroom.

Thirdly, roomtodo allows you to draw on your existing drawing. That means you can if you have a hand sketch you can start drawing and designing over it.

The feature I love most about roomtodo is its camera settings. The camera settings of roomtodo allow to check the room or home from different angles and hence allows the designer to choose based on different viewpoints.

Designing The Bathroom Based On Hand Sketch

You already have a sketch in your hand right. Scan the sketch. Now we are ready to draw our bathroom over this drawing.

Open Click on ‘Start’. That action will open up the bathroom planner. On the left, you will find several options and click on the rectangular box named ‘Draw Walls’.

From the right part, select the ‘Upload Floor Plan Image’ option and upload the hand sketch you have. Now we will draw our bathroom using the plan we have. Pick ‘Wall’ option from the right pane and just drag your cursor to draw the shape of your bathroom over the hand-sketched plan. Use the ’Wall cutout’ or ‘Custom Shape’ to give your drawing the perfect look.

Use the ‘Floor’ option to mark the floor area, so that later we can add tiles, or coverings easily.

Now I believe, your wall with cutoffs and floor is ready.

Click on the 3D option and check how your design looks like. If it is looking a bit like the bathroom shape you were thinking to have, then we are ready to go to the second stage.

We will add, paints, floor details, electrical appliances, bathroom fittings, decor and everything at this stage.

First of all, go to ‘Construction’ mode and select ‘Coverings’. Now paint your walls and cover your floor with tiles, mosaic or rugs. 

Then move to the ‘Furniture’ section. Add the furniture you want in your bathroom as you already planned and place them according to the planned position. From the ‘Bathroom’ section of the furniture tab to add bathroom-specific items like a washbasin, bathtub, shower, pan, towel dryer, soap dish, etc.

Now if your bathroom has any electrical appliances add them from the ‘Electrical Appliances’ menu. Like keeping a hairdryer or other electrical appliances can make your bathroom more included and a place of a good time.

Use the ‘Decor’ menu to fine-tune your design and add textiles, pictures, mirrors, vases, plants, etc from this menu.

The pre-made library of roomtodo is very rich and you may find all kinds of things made in both 2D/3D in different shapes and sizes. You can adjust the shapes and size by dragging the corners of the library elements.

If you are ready with everything, click on the 3D again and check your final design. If you need to change any design elements just delete and replace whatever you want from the library.

Designing a virtual bathroom allows one to know how the final works will look upon building. It is a good idea to check before you spend money on building so that corrections can be made easily.

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