Which Kitchen Countertop Is Best?

Which Kitchen Countertop Is Best?

Several people may find remodeling their kitchens a complicated process. This is due to the number of selections that you have to make. These little options are essential and make the whole process very difficult. If you are looking for the best kitchen countertops and check out the variety, then please Visit Granite Expo. They have a variety of countertop options for you. 

Most people will start kitchen remodeling by choosing their countertop. However, this is an even more complex process. You must decide the best material according to your usage and liking, or whether an easy-to-maintain or stain-resistant surface would be better. And then you have to design the shape. There are many things to decide between your needs, looks, and endurance. 

Explore which Countertop for Kitchen is Best?

Granite countertops:

Granite material is the most famous kitchen countertop selection for people. Even though it was under competition in previous years, it has been the number one kitchen countertop option for homeowners for several years due to its divine looks and built and good designs. The look is so unique that every slab differs from the last one. 

This material is solid, unique, and has a natural surface that is heat resistant and is the best option for those who use their kitchen many times every day. Even though it is very durable and doesn’t get chipped, a severe impact can cause some damage. Therefore, you should seal it yearly so it doesn’t get damaged easily. Granite has a different price in each country according to size and design.

Quartz countertops:

This material is solid, artificially made, and requires less maintenance. Quartz doesn’t have any pores and doesn’t need any sealant like other natural materials. Nonetheless, it is not very durable against heat and can be easily damaged by boiling pots or utensils if they are directly put on the countertop. Therefore be aware of your surroundings while you are cooking. 

Ultra-Compact/ Porcelain countertops:

Porcelain is made of ceramic clay and consists of many minerals such as kaolinite and silica. Furthermore, ultra-compact surfaces are made from raw materials such as marble, quartz, porcelain, and glass. These materials are considered among the most durable countertops available. Porcelain countertops are heat resistant and get chipped. They are suitable for outdoor use as they are UV resistant.   

In addition, porcelain is durable against germs and bacteria and is the best choice for users worldwide. This is because porcelain has no pores that allow it to rep any liquids or foods and leave your countertop hygienic and flawless. 

It would help if you used porcelain for indoor and outdoor uses to keep a uniform look throughout the house. You can find numerous designs in sever colors and patterns resembling other materials like marble, wood, and concrete. 

Marble countertops:

This delicate material provides the user with proper detailing and structured colors. Most users select marble to get high quality and attractive look as they can be found in polished and honed finishes. 

These materials are the best option for your kitchen or bathroom countertops but can easily be damaged and stained. So you should seal them each year and clean them each day with cleaning materials.  

Wood countertops:

A wooden countertop is perfect for providing your house with a cozy look. They are an excellent option for use in the kitchen and should be sealed to repel bacteria and germs.

You can find different types of woods, such as teak, cherry, babul, and much more, giving exceptional looks and feels to your countertop. This material is mainly used with other countertop materials to add a different look to their room and increase the aesthetics. A suggestion is to add wood to a completely white kitchen which will increase warmth and give you an attractive look.  

Final Verdict:

In conclusion, you can find countless materials in the market for your kitchen countertops. There are various online stores available that have a variety of options. But while getting the countertops, you need to hire the best countertop installation company St. Louis park. All of their materials consist of granite, wood, porcelain, quartz, marble, etc. However, every material has its cons, such as a few are durable while others are not, and there are also price differences in each!


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