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Treat yourself to be in Shape with Nutritious Light Cakes

Treat yourself to be in Shape with Nutritious Light Cakes-antoniosofan

Today’s generation is much concerned for health and is more diet concerned than ever. They usually prefer to be inspired by models for having the perfect body. They are consciously thinking about the food items to be eaten and to be skipped. Also, their craving for sweetness is affected. But still, they like to have a healthy dessert. Light or dry cakes are exceptionally everyone’s first choice. They are very light and dissolve in the mouth when gulped. And to those who are concerned for their health always prefer cakes loaded with beneficial ingredients.  These cakes are served without icing or chilling.

In this article we have listed the best sweet snack for those who spend a long time in the gym and prefer healthy snacks:

Plum pudding-

This cake is very much popular during the times of Christmas festive. People mostly prefer to exchange this dessert with each other. Many variations of these cakes such as rum cake, walnuts cake, dry fruit cake mix, canned raisins, and many more are classified as baking innovations. They can be made for vegans as well as for nonvegans.

Salted cakes-

From its name, it’s got its softness. It is prepared with butter along with other ingredients flour, baking powder, sugar, sugar-free essence. The butter makes it’s spongy and soft. It can be served with icing sugar over top. It tastes yummy and this cake is moreover liked by children a lot and is available in every food store.


It would be more fitting to term it a pound of joy. It is so-called because its ingredients, such as a pound of sugar, a pound of flour, a pound of butter, and a pound of eggs, are weighed. The pound cake can also be made with egg whites that are separated. It is mildly flavored and very spongy to gulp. To enjoy the pound of happiness order cake online and throw an evening party for your friends with a cake treat.

4.Chiffon cake-

This chiffon cake is also called lightweight cake. It gets its fluffiness from the number of beaten eggs in baking. This cake also requires lemon to moisten. Within 30 minutes this cake is completely baked. And is so soft to feel and gobbled by everyone.

5. Genoise Cake:

From Italy this cake gets its origin. Named after the Italian city of Genoa, it is well known for its French cuisine. Eggs and sugar are beaten until thick and gibbon is the key step in the Genoise cake baking process. The batter will then be poured into a circular cake pan. To keep it moist until served, the cake layers are layered with flavored syrup.

6.Cookies cake-

This cake is a very simple and dry cake receipt that can be prepared by everyone as a light evening snack. Cookies are crushed to form a powder and are combined with sugar, milk, and eno as raising agents. Any cookies of your preference can be assimilated into the batter of the cake.

7.Marble or layered cake-

It’s a stunning cake with stripes of chocolate and vanilla. Uncooked butter is used for baking the cake and other components, and is soft and sweet to eat as a tea cake. In the cake pan, alternate layers of chocolate and vanilla are poured in. The cake can be kept for up to three days or more in an air-tight jar.

8.Mawa cake-

A popular dry cake from India. In the cake, thickened milk is used. In Mumbai, it is extremely popular. Everybody loves this cake all over the Indian subcontinent because of the hot, yummy cake. You can send cake online to Bangalore where your loved ones stay to enjoy the sweetness of the cake.

9.Dundee Cake:

A traditional Scottish fruit cake made with dried apricots, nuts, and currants. For the cake, fruit peels are used as well. The cake is rich in flavor because of its ingredients and has a soft, spongy texture. Also, almonds in a circular shape are set on top of the cake.

10.Whole Wheat Cake:

It’s another good, dry cake made of jaggery and whole wheat flour. You can add eggs or baking soda and raising powder to add to the fluffiness of the cake, according to your liking. Integrated with flavor the health factor makes it an irresistible dessert.

11.Carrot Cake:

It is another butter cake version. The cake batter is made with shredded carrots, butter-replaced vegetable oil, milk, sugar, and flour. Sugar powder and walnut pieces are covered with the top layer. 

So let’s conclude with the cakes that taste great and are quite good at nutrition. Do have them and enjoy your special time.

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