The Best Time to Post On Instagram to Get More Followers

best time to post on instagram

Gaining more and more followers on Instagram is the number one priority whether you are an individual content creator or a brand. More followers are always a plus point. They help you get more attention and make you visible to a larger audience. Your increased followers will help you attract more followers and this chain keeps ongoing. Moreover, if you are using Instagram for business, your followers indicate the trust and reliability of people towards your business. This is why you would see a lot of people preferring to buy followers Australia because of its benefits. The race for increasing your followers naturally might be a little challenging but not impossible.

We have already discussed the tips and methods that you can use on Instagram in order to gain more followers. Those methods will help you reach a thousand followers milestone and even more. But people rarely discuss the best time to post on Instagram to get more followers. What is the time when most people are active? And how to identify that time? There are a number of factors that are involved in this discussion.

While you may see a lot of articles and posts telling you what is the best time to post, there is not really an exact time. That is because posting depends upon some important factors. We have prepared a list of those factors to help you decide the best time you can post on Instagram to get more followers. So, let’s get into it.

Daytime on Workdays

On workdays, people get up early in the morning as they have a routine to follow, and probably the first thing they check after waking up is their phones. And even when they are working in the daytime, they check their phones constantly. You can take this as an advantage and post in the daytime. This will help your posts get more attention as there is more number of people online at that time. However, daytime posting only works better on weekdays

At Night on Weekends

At weekends, most people are active at night. That is because they are usually free from their work and they enjoy a good long sleep in the day. That is why posting in the daytime is only considered helpful for Workdays. Use that for your advantage and try to post as much as you can at night on Weekends.

Be Frequent

Try to post regularly on Instagram. It is recommended that if you have built a certain amount of audience, you should post for them on daily basis. Having an audience is not that difficult but managing them is the challenge. You should be consistent with your posts and try to post relevant stuff. You can see a change in your followers if you stop posting for just two days, you will notice a certain amount of decrease.

Schedule your Posts

Although timing your posts does have an impact on them, posting at that same time every day is more important. If you want to increase your followers, make a schedule and post on that time regularly. That is because you have built an audience with your posts. Now, to keep with you, post relevant daily and at the scheduled time. Not only this will keep your followers but will also help you gain tons of new followers.

Post for your audience

As mentioned earlier, gaining a new audience is important but keeping the old one with you is more important. Your followers are an integral part to help you attract more followers. So, to keep them stick with you, post for them daily and post the stuff that your audience likes. The audience that you have attracted is what will help you gain more followers and make you popular among other users. Always keep your audience as your number one priority and think like them that what time would you consider best to see a post on Instagram. Once you have decided what your audience whats and when your followers will go up instantly.


During trends, post as much as you can because that is the time you can attract more followers. People like to follow trends and they also like to see other people following those trends. So when you post during that time, your posts become visible to a larger audience. Ultimately, helping you gain a large number of new followers.

Once you have understood the factors mentioned above, you will understand what time is best for you to post on Instagram to gain more followers. Note that these factors might differ depending on your page and your audience. No matter what you post, understanding your audience is always more important. If you understand that, you will be able to decide what time is more suitable for your audience.


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