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What is the best fuel credit card in India?

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A lot of people will list fuel among their top five expenses in a given month. Indian metros are big and traffic-heavy. We tend to spend a lot of time, lung space, and wallet space on just getting to work and back, getting to the gym and back, meeting our friends, hitting the club, getting our kids to school and so on. And while we’re filling our lungs with carbon dioxide as we get from A to B, we’re simultaneously emptying our wallets. 

It was reported at the end of 2020 that Indians spent about 17 per cent of their daily income on fuel. That’s nearly one-fifth of income spent on just getting around. Additionally, fuel is set to get more expensive with the union budget 2021 announcements that mean people will be paying Rs. 2.5 extra per litre of fuel, and Rs. 4 extra per litre of petrol.

Walking around is not an option. Escaping taxes is certainly not an option. So how about we get some discounts then? Fortunately, discounts are a very real option that is offered by many credit card companies. 

So what exactly is the best credit card for fuel on offer in the market? The answer might differ for different individuals. That is because one’s credit card has to offer an overall well-matched bouquet of benefits. Some credit cards offer you points for every time you refuel; others might offer you a cashback, and others might offer you points which translate to a discount on the next refuelling. 

However, it is safe to say that nothing beats a flat rate discount when it comes to choosing the best credit card for fuel — or indeed most things. And that is exactly what you get with your Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard. There is a whole world of benefits to be explored, depending on which variant of the card you choose. There are 11 variants of the card so that every member gets exactly the bundle of benefits that are useful and relevant for them. 

Let’s talk about fuel first. Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard members get a fuel surcharge waiver whenever they recharge with the card on the Platinum Plus SuperCard, for example. At say Rs. 100 saved per month, one can immediately cut off Rs. 1200 from one’s annual fuel consumption outgoings. 

Besides this, members get a whole buffet of amazing benefits. After all, the best credit card for fuel must also offer the member other benefits to be truly worthwhile. 

These benefits of the Platinum Plus SuperCard include: 

  1. Welcome points up to 4000 upon opting in for the card.
  2. Fee waiver upon spending Rs. 50,000 on the card in the previous year.
  3. Cash withdrawal from ATMs, or to put it simply, you can also use your credit card as an ATM card.
  4. Instant loans, anytime and anywhere, just when you may need them. Especially during these uncertain times, one might appreciate the option of opting for a loan to the extent of their credit limit. The member gets a tenure of 90 days to pay back the loan and may do so in 3 EMIs. 
  5. Members also receive points on all purchases made during the course of the month. The member receives these points as a credit — of points — to their account at the month-end. Cardholders get 1 reward point on every Rs. 100 spent on regular expenses. There’s more. Members also get twice the number of reward points on all online purchases and spend, with certain exceptions.
  6. Points are also awarded for surpassing certain designated spend milestones. For example, members get 10,000 additional reward points when reaching a fairly common annual spends milestone of Rs. 150,000
  7. Exclusives discounts and cashback offers are also put in place, in collaboration with certain partner brands. 
  8. Members also get complimentary airport lounge access twice a year, along with unlimited paid access.
  9. Cardholders also get the option of paying for various purchases at No Cost EMI. 

Remember that when you are applying for a credit card, you need the card to ideally offer you a whole host of benefits and discounts. The card needs to have the ability to make your life easier, and your lifestyle better. It should give you access to emergency credit and should allow you to enjoy the best things in life without having to break the bank. When applying for your credit card, be sure to give it a 360-degree check. Avoid simply getting excited about one benefit. Read the fine print and do some quick math to figure out how much you will be saving in a year, as compared to what you are putting down as the fee on the credit card. You don’t want to get a rude shock when the moment comes to Paytm your credit card bill payment. 

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